Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Gargoyles!

One year ago: The Haunting

It's decoration time again, and today we're checking out an assortment of gargoyles!
This first one cracks me up because of the "oh fuck I think I just shit myself" expression on his face. Honestly, that's the main reason I bought it. I also like the dark hues contrasted with the drybrushing, it gives it a nice look that is pretty distinctive among the other gargoyles, which are much lighter.

This is a Dollar Tree pickup, where the dog-faced gargoyles seem to be the norm. His covetous attitude toward his snow globe is clear in his expression, which implies that the greedy little bastard doesn't even want you looking at it.

This fella came home with me from a Target post-holiday clearance sale a few years ago. Aside from the generally nice design, he has a distinctive texture and hue that sets him apart from the others.

Here is another dog-faced Dollar Tree refugee. He's okay; I picked him up mainly to pad out the ranks of gargoyles in my possession.

This gargoyle-- more of a griffin, honestly-- is another Target clearance acquisition. He's far and away the largest of the bunch, and probably my favorite...

.. with the possible exception of this nauseous fella. Like all the Dollar Tree gargoyles, this one is made of solid concrete, and he's larger than average, so he's the heftiest of them all. Something about this gargoyle, eternally poised on the brink of projectile vomiting, speaks to my inner 8-year-old. (Incidentally, my favorite Garbage Pail Kid at that age was the cleverly-named Luke Puke.)

That's it for the gargoyle goodness! Be sure to drop by tomorrow for a very special entry for a certain birthday boy!

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