Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Blood-curdling Bottles!

One year ago: The Masque of the Red Death

An ongoing Halloween project of mine is using these labels I got in an 8-pack at Dollar Tree a few years ago. It's tough getting enough of the right kind of bottles (at least, when you don't drink wine or sparkling grape juice), so I still haven't used quite all of them. Here are the ones I do have, along with a couple of other cool Halloween-friendly bottles.

Dr. Rotgut's Embalming Juice certainly sounds crisp and refreshing, as the label promises.

This bottle of red blood is aged for 10 years, but was bottled in 1994; clearly, I'm saving it for a special occasion.

This liquid-form zombie virus is essential for any Halloween- themed dinner party. (We were out of food coloring, so I just watered down some paint; that can't possibly backfire on me at some point, right?)

Liquid Phantom contains "one angry, carbonated ghoul."

This bottle of Ye Olde Spider Venom dates to 1897; surely it's worth something, eh?

Speaking of spider juice, this bottle came from the craft store Michael's just a little over a month ago. There was a nice selection of cool bottles, but this was clearly the best one.

Last, we have this remnant of Target's post-Halloween clearance from a few years ago. It's a blueberry cocktail mixer, but I got it just because the bottle with its wax seal is so cool & creepy.

That does it for today, but skitter back tomorrow for this year's Halloween finale!

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