Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Son of Dracula

Previously on this date: Frankenstein (1931) and Corpse Bride & Hanged Man decorations

When assigning themes to each day of the week, I had a couple of problems with Thursday. Frankly, there just aren't many alliterative words that would make suitable themes. Sure, there are a couple of possibilities, but none were ideal. finally, I decided to just go with the standard Thursday theme used across all social media: Throwback Thursday. That presented its own set of challenges, namely, since I'm doing posts based on classic horror here, every post is a throwback! However, the solution quickly became apparent: Since I'm only doing posts on the weekdays this month, there are quite a few worthy articles from the first couple of years of the blog that are not being linked in the "previously on this date" bit at the beginning of each post. So, on Thursdays this month, I'll choose one of those to re-present for your enjoyment!

Today's throwback is my feature on 1943's Son of Dracula, which was originally posted on November 17, 2010. Despite the miscasting of Lon Chaney Jr. as the vampire king, it's an enjoyable romp in the style of Universal's horror films of the 1940s. It has several things working against it, but the phrase "greater than the sum of its parts" most certainly applies. go check the article out at the link above, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

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