Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Top Ten Posts of 2017

It's New Year's Eve, and you know what that means: No, I'm not hosting a NYE party rife with drunken debauchery; it's time to review the most popular posts of the past year! (You can totally get hammered while you take in the list, though, I won't mind!)

It's quite a change from previous years. Since I began reviewing MOTUC figures when I resumed collecting that line as a way to return to updating the blog regularly, those posts dominated the year. Since all of those posts were reviews, I'll omit the "Rant Review" header from the posts. Without any further ado-- 'cause let's face it, that was way too much ado I was indulging in just now-- let's have a look at the list!

10. Point Dread & Talon Fighter playset with Teela 2.0 

9. Serpentine King Hiss 

8. Anti-Eternia He-Man 

7. Goat Man 

6. Battleground Teela

5. Clamp Champ 

4. Skeletor(s)

3. Octavia

2. Battle Ram with Man-at-Arms

1. Oo-Larr, the Jungle He-Man

A few thoughts: While it was a given that the MOTU reviews would have a stranglehold on the list, I am a bit surprised that the always-popular Free Comic Book Day primer didn't even crack the top ten! The FCBD guide is always one of the most popular posts of the year, but the popularity of the MOTU reviews pushed it right out of the top ten. It's also interesting to see a few underdog figures rank high, while heavy hitters like Beast Man and the Sorceress didn't make the list. I'm particularly surprised to see Octavia in the top three! Vultak just missed making the top ten, so the influence of figures many see as D-list at best was nearly even more pronounced!

Putting these reviews together is a lot of work, but I have fun with them too, and I truly appreciate all the messages and comments I receive. (Mostly on other sites, though. It's okay to post comments directly on the posts here, I promise!) I have no plans to end the weekly reviews anytime soon, and there will be the occasional horror-related posts, as always! I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve, and here's to a great 2018!

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