Monday, May 14, 2012

I hope I'm not giving Hollywood any ideas...

Okay, we all know how boring it can be to hear about other people's dreams. But this is one for the record books.
I just dreamed that I was in a movie called Batman & the Three Stooges Meet King Kong. We were on a giant wooden flying machine-- evidently, I was playing the part of Batman-- and Kong was stomping around trying to catch up to us. I won his trust by pulling a large poisoned needle out of his hand, just in time for the flying machine to start crashing into a city. As everyone panicked, I remarked, "Bitches, I GOT this." In true Batman fashion, I saved us and kept the machine aloft in some extraordinary way, the explanation of which I can't begin to recall. (It was pretty damn awesome though, I can tell ya that.) Then, since the Three Stooges were those horrible faux-Stooges from that recent cinematic abortion, Kong and I teamed up to expel them from the flying craft. As I tossed faux-Moe overboard, I yelled, "We should've dropped you in Berlin!" (And no, I have no idea what in the blue hell that means, either.)

At this point, my mind was so baffled that I woke myself up. I can't decide if this would be a truly horrible movie, or the greatest thing ever.

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  1. Perhaps it was also a historical movie and you were thinking of dropping him in the Berlin of the 40's? I think it'd make a great movie. Can we put other people on there too, to be shoved off at different points? Halle's Catwoman, George Clooney's Batman?