Thursday, September 24, 2015

Opening an Auto World UltraRed chase car!

It's a hotly-debated topic in the world of collectors of... well, pretty much anything that comes in a package: Do you open it, or keep it sealed? It's a common problem among adult collectors of such items as action figures and die-cast cars. There are pros and cons on both sides. If you keep it in the package, it tends to be worth more(assuming it's an item that retains any value at all), but on the other hand, how can you really enjoy it when all you can do is look at it in its sealed plastic prison? This will demonstrate how I feel about the whole thing. MOCers, shield your eyes!
Not only did I open it, but the car I opened is one of the rare UltraRed chase cars!

I'm an opener. I won't presume to tell anyone else how to spend their money, or that the way they choose to enjoy their hobby is wrong, but I see it this way: These things are made to be enjoyed and appreciated. Some people derive pleasure simply from the knowledge that they own a certain collectible, and seeing it inside its package is enough. That's perfectly fine, but I like to go beyond that. What that means for action figures is appreciating the sculpt up close, with no barriers in the way, and putting them in silly or badass poses on my shelf. When it comes to cars, I like to examine the models up close and really take in the detail, especially when they're as well-made as Auto World's product. Whatever your preference, the important thing to remember is that we're all enjoying our hobby in whatever way we see fit, and it's really not something that's worth arguing about. We share some common interests, and we should be celebrating that, not fighting with one another.

On that note, I'll leave you today with a shot of my small collection of Auto World die-cast cars. I only have a few of their models, but they're probably my favorite manufacturer of die-cast cars right now. They do beautiful work at a good price, and they're pretty easy to find, to boot! As always, click to embiggen the photo.
See you all next time!

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