Monday, May 4, 2015

FCBD 2015 swag report!

Free Comic book Day 2015 is already in the books as one of the best yet, but I still need to do my usual post about the stuff I got.

And here's a pic of that Kamp Krusty Bart after I sprung him from his plastic prison.

So, not a huge WOS score like last year's Treehouse of Horror set, but it was still nice to nab one of the handful of WOS figures I didn't have for only $1. As for the comics themselves, I'm still making my way through them, but DC's Divergence is the clear standout so far. All three of the stories are new, all of them are interesting, and the prelude to The Darkseid War is downright salivating. I was disappointed that there was no FCBD offering featuring classic Uncle Scrooge comics this year, but what can ya do? After the comic shop, we had lunch, made a trip to Toys R Us to pick up a few of the new LEGO Simpsons series 2 minifigures, and then saw Age of Ultron. It had its issues, but I enjoyed it. It was a great day overall, as usual, and I can't wait to do it yet again next year! As always, feel free to post your own swag in the comments.

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