Monday, March 12, 2012


John Carter is doing well in the international market, but it seems to be tanking domestically. People, go and see this movie. It's the kind of epic for which theaters exist. My girlfriend knew absolutely nothing about any of the characters or concept, and she liked it quite a bit. Same with my 13-year-old nephew. It really is a big, epic, fun movie for the entire age spectrum. It's disheartening that the latest rape of a Dr. Seuss classic-- "The Lorax," which is being used to sell SUVs, for crhissake-- is doing much better. We don't get big action movies with a brain very often.
 And for anyone who thinks some aspects of John Carter look derivative: Edgar Rice Burroughs INVENTED this stuff with his John Carter of Mars work. Without John Carter, there would be no Buck Rogers, no Flash Gordon, and certainly no Star Wars. (And that's exactly how SW family tree looks: John Carter --> Buck Rogers --> Star Wars.)
 If you like movies that take you on a grand adventure without insulting your intelligence, GO AND SEE JOHN CARTER. When garbage like Michael Bay's Transformers abominations rake in countless hundreds of millions of dollars and we let quality films like John Carter wither and die on the vine, we have no one but ourselves to blame when we just keep getting more of the same crap.

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