Monday, November 1, 2010

Post-Halloween wrap-up

So, how was everyone's Halloween?  Here are a few clumsily touched-up Halloween photos! You could see my face beyond the eyeholes with the flash from the camera, so I covered 'em up with my meager photo-altering abilities.
 I hope you all enjoyed the blog this past month. It wasn't easy putting together an entry every single day of the month, but it was fun, and I'm glad I did it. Don't be surprised if you see me doing it again next year!
Entries on classic horror movies aren't going anywhere, though. I'll still be doing them, just not every day. I have a couple of horror movie-focused pieces coming up, as well as a multi-part feature on the Bela Lugosi-starring serial The Phantom Creeps that should be fun.
I'm taking the week off, but I'll be back Monday, so swing back by and check it out! I'm not going anywhere!


  1. Nice. I posted on Facebook that my mother and I went an outdoor theater to watch a special free showing of the original Dracula. I dressed up in my Phantom Stranger outfit. It was cool. We drank beer and margaritas and ate chips and dip we had brought in an ice chest. Wish you had been there man.

  2. Phantom Stranger costume? Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun. We went to an outdoor show Saturday night in a town that's about an hour away, but they didn't show any old Universal movies. They showed the original "Night of the Living Dead," the Edison- produced 1910 "Frankenstein," and "Nosferatu." The screen they projected the movies onto was inflatable, which I'd never seen before. It had a slow leak, so the guy had to give it some more air every half hour or so.
    They're already working on next year's show. I wish I could put something like that together here. I'd love to have a three-night marathon, maybe with themes; a night of Frankenstein movies, a night of Dracula movies, and then maybe a "grab bag" night with no specific theme.