Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Something a bit different

At long last, you stumble from the darkness of the tunnel into a dimly lit room. Alas, the light provides you no comfort as you see the being seated before you. Its skeletal visage seems set in a permanent expression of contempt, as if all it surveys are beneath its notice. A red point of light blazes hellishly in each socket, these "eyes" regarding you as they would an insect. Your blood turns to ice as you realize where you are, and who you now face. This is the enemy of all that is decent and good. This is the relentless fiend who devotes his every moment to dominating all that lives. This is the indomitable force of pure malevolence that ruthlessly destroys all who dare oppose it. 

This is Skeletor. Where his gaze falls, babies are stillborn, crops wither and die, the elderly and infirmed breath their last, and the bravest of warriors succumb to utter terror. Even the mighty He-Man has admitted that he feels the icy grip of fear close around his heart when he faces this demonic foe. Yet, unlike everyone else, He-Man always stands his ground, and lives to fight another day.

But you, unfortunately, are no He-Man. As the Lord of Destruction rises from his throne, you know that you will not live to see the light of day again. 
The text above is a modified passage from a MOTU story I wrote years ago. Maybe someday I'll post the entire thing here, if there's enough interest. For now, this is just a tidbit to hold you over until normal reviews and comics resume. The next review should be posted next week. See you then!