Monday, December 21, 2015

My 2015 year in review: gaming edition!

Microsoft recently sent me a link to a really cool infographic that breaks down a bunch of my Xbox statistic from the past year. Check it out, and visit the site to generate your own! As always, you can click on the photo to embiggen it.

(Also, note my swanky-ass avatar outfit! Deathstroke the terminator with Wolverine claws? Now THAT'S a killing machine!)

A couple of things to note: the gaming time is measuring all the time the Xbox was on and connected to Xbox Live, so I did not actually spend 37% of the entire year playing games. Really. The "you've been with Xbox since 2007" box refers to when I joined Xbox Live, not when I first got an Xbox. (For the record, that was in February of 2002.)

One thing that surprised me is that I rank in the top 1% worldwide as far as my achievements. I am by no means an achievement hunter, but that rank made a lot more sense once I saw that the average Xbox owner only gained 69 achievements in the past year. It's easy to forget that a very substantial number of game console owners only play a couple of games each year. There are millions of people who buy an Xbox and only buy the new Madden or Call of Duty each year, and pick up a new Halo or GTA when they come out. Gamers who talk about their hobby on the internet tend to forget that we devote a good bit more time to gaming than most, and we don't represent the majority. Seeing these stats really drives that home. Anyway, it was cool of Microsoft to do this, and I enjoyed going over it. Let's hope they continue doing it each year!

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