Friday, October 1, 2010

Heeeeere we go!

Welcome to the inaugural post on The Midnight Rant! Why The Midnight Rant? 'Cause midnight is usually one of my peak hours, and ranting is pretty much what everyone on the internet does. I've had a couple of blogs in past years, and this one came about when I realized I missed it. Occasionally, you might see a "retro-post," where I move one of my more notable entries from past blogs onto this one, as I intend for this one to endure. Expect to see posts about everything I love, and maybe a few things I'm not too crazy about, if the mood strikes.
There's a reason I'm kicking off this blog on October 1, as well. As those of you who know are already aware, Halloween is my very favorite holiday, and as the month of October approaches each year, I begin to get almost giddy with anticipation. I've recently compiled a long list of classic horror movies to watch with my wonderful girlfriend, Cindy, this Halloween season. Armed with this list, and thinking about such classic movies even more than usual, I had an overwhelming urge to share my enthusiasm with a wider (if only slightly so) group of people. This, coupled with my recent itch to get back to blogging, led me here.
Each and every day in the month of October, you can expect to visit this blog and find at least one new post related to Halloween in some way. not every entry will be Halloween-related, but at least one post each day will be about a movie, book, costume, photos, or something that is related to Halloween. I hope you all enjoy reading, and visit regularly!


  1. Awesome, man! I'll be keeping up with it.

  2. That's great, glad to have you around!

  3. I've been on a classic movie kick for a while, you just talked me into adding this to my Netflix list.

  4. Awesome! Hopefully, that'll happen a lot. :D